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Guided tours from Toennisgaard

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The nature guides from Toennisgaard invites with enthusiasm and expert knowledge to one of the following guided tours on the island.    
Bird watching:
The guide explains about some of the 10 million birds that pass by the Wadden Sea to refuel energy before the flight goes south or north. Binoculars can be lent.
Mushroom tour:
Together with the guide, a knife and a basket you walk in the woods and become wiser about these fascinating plants. You get a good background knowledge and can already after a few times in the woods identify the first species.

A snaps tour:
Get information on how you can give brandy (and the tea) the final oomph and which parts of nature you can benefit from using.

Explore one of the many bunkers which still lies on Roemoe as a relic from World War II. You get a thorough background and plenty of exercise when you climb up the paths through pipes running through the trenches.

Shrimp Catch:
The Roemoe Shrimp is very local! Go to the West coast at low tide and catch them yourself, using only a small net - that is if you can - because the shrimp is a master of disguise. If you once have tasted a fresh shrimp, it won´t be the last...