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Activities and sports on Roemoe and environs

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Roemoe Icelandic horse center - a different way to experience the beautiful nature of Roemoe.
About 100 sweet icelandic horses are waiting to take our guests out for a ride in nature and provide them with an experience they will seldom forget. We arrange guided tours for the completely inexperienced, where those who have never before sat on a horse can join us, just as there are challenges to be gained for the experienced rider.

Roemoe Play- & Horse Park - fun for the whole family
A nice laugh is always healthy. In Roemoe Play- & Horse Park, we are always ready to have fun. In the park you will find more than 30 fun activities which calls for smile and laughter. The atmosphere in the park is characterized by the small, cute houses and the Wadden Sea in the horizon. In "Solgården" you can buy ice cream and fast food. All our staying guests have free entrance to the park within the opening hours.
  Beach sailing - fly over the widest beach in northern europe
The wide beaches of Romoe are ideal for beach sailing. Beach sailing is a fun activity where everyone can participate. It takes only 20 min. to learn. The beach sailor has 3 wheels and a large sail, actually the technique is much like windsurfing.
Beach sailing can be booked in advance - please contact the hotel.
  Golf/minigolf - golf at all levels
Located just 2 km. from the hotel is a links course. The course is built after the old Scottish traditional links course principles. The course is characterized by 13 lakes, undulating greens and gorse plants. Link course brings many bunkers into play, but in calm weather, it is drainage canals and lakes that are the biggest challenges. In addition to a links course, there is also a 9-hole pay and play course.
There is ample opportunity to go fishing on Roemoe og i omegnen. Bla.a kan nævnes Rømø Fiskesø,  Arrild Fiskesø, Storkesøen Ribe m.fl.
  Bike rides - out into the blue on bikes
Bicycling is an activity where the entire family can be together. The varied nature of Roemoe with its wide expanses and endless horizons, suggests to many wonderful bikes rides. There are several routes on Roemoe, and there are benches and tables in many places, where you can enjoy your picnic.
  Bathing - The north sea
Roemoe is wellknown for its wide sandy beaches, which by the way is the widest beach in northern Europe. The North Sea is a popular sightseeing deastination and tourists flock there in the summer to experience the beautiful North Sea and play with the waves.
  Fitness -
The hotel has its own gym with cardio equipment: Exercise bike, step machine and a treadmill. In addition the gym offers dfferent machines to train and strengthen various muscle groups. The gym is free for our staying guests during am 7.00 - 21.00 seven days a week.
Hiking & Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is a popular and efficient way to exercise. On Roemoe there is a lot of great paved trails and the gravel paths in the woods and the plantation are inviting to get one going.
Horse- & donkey wagons
We arrange tours with our big Shirehorse and her wagon in the plantation the entire year (min. 6 persons). If more than 6, it is possible to be the driver in our small pony- & dunkey wagons.
Windsurfing/kite surfing
With its wide spaces the northern sea is a paradise for windsurfers. The tall waves and the eternal wind is every surfers dream.