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The formation and history of Roemoe

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A tiny bit of Roemoes exciting story: The story of Roemoe is characterized by colorful characters and events, all of which have helped make Roemoe look the way we. A long time ago When the city of Ribe was a very important trading city in Denmark, Roemoe was in its pride. Entering options to Ribe was far from optimal, and they solved the problem by letting the big ships dock at Roemoe and then sail the goods etc. to Ribe in small boats. But as Ribe slowly lost its "big city staus", the men on  Roemoe had to find new jobs and here arose the whaling, which a lot of the men on the island started working with. They sailed of the island and was gone for many months on large whale cruises, and developed techniques which was quite efficient - even by the standards.

Maybe even a litte too efficient - because after a few years, there was no more whales to capture. And as the British also put on restrictions on navigating in the North sea, the men of Roemoe had to figure out something new to do once again. They slowly started to take over the womens business too grow agriculture and so it went on untill tourism begans to make its inroads. Today the island is still characterized by the time with wealth with beautiful, well-equipped houses, whale skeletons and other relics from the period with the Captains.