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The widest beach in Europe

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The beach:
The beach represents nearly half of Roemoes area. It is approx. 15 km. long and the width varies from 1 to 4 km. We boast that we have the widest beach in Europe, so here is room for everyone.
Even in peak season there is ample opportunity to find a space a little to it self. The beach becomes even wider and wider and there is gradually being formed dunes and vegetation near the sea. The fact is, that when there is a strong wind from the west, the sand is moved from the German island of Sylt, because it lies further out into the North Sea than Roemoe.

The beach of Roemoe has been divided into different areas today. An area specific for kitebuggies, an area for beach boating, an area for FKK badning (which means without swimsuits), a car-free area, a windsurfing area, an area for military exercises and then a protected area so the birds have a place where they are safe. One can safely say that the beach on Roemoe handles many interests.

Also it is important to mention that you are allowed to drive your car on the beach. It may initially seem like a drawback. But when the beach at Soenderstrand is approx. 3 km wide, it might turn out to be a long trip to the water, especially for little children. So even though there from the hotel is only 2 kilometers to the beach, there is a whole five kilometer walk before you reach the water. And then suddenly it is not a downside to be able to take the car the entire way.

When you plan on leaving Roemoe, we recommend that you take the beach road. This route really gives you  a good impression of what Roemoe has to offer. After all - main roads looks the same – therefore you should try to drive to Soenderstrand and follow the dike in a northern direction. Drive approx. 10 km. and get back on the main road at Lakolk. Continue east towards the dam. Then you have really seen the beautiful beaches of Roemoe.