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There is ample opportunity for shopping

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Esbjerg: Esbjerg says they have the longest pedestrian street in Denmark, so here you have ample opportunity to satisfy the shopping gene and subsequently relax on one of the many cafes and restaurants that the city offers. Esbjerg also has a shopping mal, not far from the grocery store Bilka, so you have the possibilty to shop indoor if the weather is no good. Esbjerg is situated approx. 67 km from Roemoe.

Kolding: Kolding Storcenter is a large shopping center with more than 103 special stores, Bilka, cinemas and much more. The city Kolding also offers a cozy pedestiran street with many stores. Kolding is situated approx. 85 km. from Roemoe.

Flensborg: Visit this beautiful city at the border between Denmark and Germany - only 70 km. from Roemoe. Here you will find the shopping center City Grossmarkt.

Ribe: Visit the oldest town in Denmark. The city offers a rich cultural life which during the years held many cultural events. The old urban environment with its winding, cobbled streets, make shopping a unique experience. The pedestrian street offers a lot of special stores.

Tønder: Visit the picturesque town of Tønder, the oldest town in Denmark. Here you will find a wonderful urban environment with winding streets and cozy houses and a large selection of special shops. During the Christmans month Tønder is known for its Christmas Market and The Old Pharmacy, which includes the biggest Christmas shown in Scandinavia.