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We have handpicked the finest massages

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Welldhara Massage
25 min. - part massage DKK. 395,00
55 min. entire body DKK. 595,00

A gentle massage with essential oils, where the massage technique is based on Chinese healing masssage and works with the bodys meridians. The massage is relaxing and refreshing and has a deep-acting effect on tension. The body is brought into balance.
Hot-stone massage
25 min. - part massage DKK. 395,00
55 min. entire body DKK. 645,00

Hot basalt stones from Hawaii is placed on the body´s energy center; hands, feet, stomach and back. Then begins a wonderful massage with stones. When deep massage strokes combined with the warm stones produces a very relaxing massage, that stimulates the energy flow and relieve muscle tension.

Turkish Hamambath                                     25 min. DKK. 445A

An 800 year old treatment. In the old days it was told, that the purpose with this treatment was physical and mental purification and scrubbing of everyday stress Before the treatment is started we recommend 15 min. in the steam- bath or sauna, so that your skin is warm and smooth The treatment starts with hot water is poured over your body and is followed up by a scrup with a sisalt sponge after this, the massager soaps in your body with a lovely rich soap and the massage i started Once again your body is poured with hot water to remove the soap, Finally the body is poured with cold water to kickstart the blood circulationen

Anti Stress Massage
25 min. -  part massage DKK. 395,00

Lovely relaxing facial and scalp massage that ends with a nice neck massage. Good for headaches and neck strain.
 Abhyanga full body Massage
50 min. + 10 min. relaxation
DKK. 595,00

Ayurvedic gentle body massage with oils that has a detoxifying effect. The oil penetrates the skin cells and in combination with massage it loosens up the toxins. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water after this treatment, so the toxins rapidly excrete. Large quantities of oil are used for this massage, which therefore makes the massage extra gentle.

NEWS Bamboo massage (M10)
25 min.  DKK. 395,-                                   55 min. DKK. 595.- 

Effective and thorough body massage with oil and bamboo sticks of various sizes. By rolling th bamboo sticks over the body you loosen tensions and muscle knots in the body. The perfect massage, to counteract the affect of stress, tension and lack of rest.

Hoeny massage (M12)
55 min.  DKK. 695,-

The honey massage is an intense treatment, that renews and nourishes the skin in the depth and leaves the skin smooth and silky.

Skin and muscles are warmed up using massage techniques. The skin is lubricated into honey by pressure massage.

The massage removes fatigue and stimulates the excretion of waste products and all bodily functions. After the treatment we recommend a warm shower and a visit to the steam bath.