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Wellness facilities

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When the North Sea waves seem too cold and wild, there is ample opportunity for at dip in the hotel´s beautiful indoor pool (26°). The pool are located within the same building as the wellness section, featuring a shallow area for toddlers. As an overnight guest at kommandoergaarden, you have free access to the indoor pool and steam bath.
Try the steambath after your swimm and end up feeling like a newborn baby again. The steambath are open between 07.30 - 11.00 & 16.00 - 20.30, saturday only 07.30 - 20.30 and is at free disposal for the hotel guests.
The Whirlpool is located at the corner of the pool area. You can buy a card to start it up at the reception in the hotel.
A tradition from the Austrian alpine area. It stimulates the circulatory while it promotes the body to regenerate. You sit comfortably in the semi-open "oven" with a dress that covers most of your body. The steam is led through organic hay whereby nutrients are pulled out to penetrate the skin.
A comfortable room with a temperature of 38 degrees, which corresponds to an artificial fever temperature. This will ensure the body a condition where the regeneration and immune system strengthens. There is supplemented with sound and light therapy. there is a choice between several different settings. Depending on the individuals physical and mental condition, you need different stimulus.
The hotel has its own fitness room with cardio equipment: Exercise bike, step machine and treadmills. In addition, the gym has various different machines to train and strengthen diff. muscle groups. The fitness room, which is situated at the second floor in our Wellness Center, is free for our guests in the period from 07.00 to 21.00 - seven days a week.
Bio Sauna
This type of sauna is characterized by relatively high humidity of approx. 40-60% and a temperature of 50-60 degrees celcius. The moist steam is sucked out into the room, and special herbs are added. It is relaxing and soothing and gives the body and soul a break.
Finnish sauna
Unlike the Bio Sauna, the Finnish Sauna has a relatively dry air and a temperature of approx. 90 degrees celcius.

Infrared cabin
The infrared cabin helps detoxification and regenerating the body. The infrared radiation is used as a treatment to various forms of diseases, particularly athletes appreciate the infrared radiation in which blood vessels and blood circulation is stimulated and muscle tension alleviated. Infrared heat penetrates approx. 4 cm into the skin and induces a deep sweat rather than only superficially on the skin surface, which have a purgative effect. A stay in the cabin also affects the body´s internal combustion.