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Practical info

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At Roemoe Icelandic Horse Center we work a great deal with the security around the horses and the riders. All riders are assessed individually and the horse is allocated based on the individual riders abilities. All are supplied with a helmet and all equipment is is checked regularly by our riding guides. We recommend that all riders have boots or closed shoes without laces. We also recommend loose fitting jogging trousers, avoid jeans.

Riding experience
To ensure all a good experience we have divided  the riders into categories:
Two categories:   BLUE  and  RED
 BLUE: For those who has never been riding, and those who has a little experience in riding. The tours take place in walk, trot and tölt. It is up to our ridinguide to  decide if everybody is talented enough to gallop - the pace is attuned to the weakest rider. Typically there will be between 8-10 participants on the BLUE tours. We help of course with preparation of the horse.
 RED : For those who has a good deal of experience with riding, and master all the horses gaits smoothly. On the tours we ride at a high pace and it is expected that you can ride a free gallop at the beach. Normally there are between 14 to 16 participants on these tours. It is expected that one can saddle up the horse.

All booking takes place at the Hotel Kommandørgården. Please dont hesitate to call us at +45 74 755 122. If you have booked a riding stay, you will be given a timetable for the rides upon your arrival. Riding guests who are not staying at our hotel will be given a meeting time when booking.

Before we ride
Before all riding there is 45 minuts of grooming, sadling the horses and instruction before we ride and then 15-30 minuts of grooming after the ride. We put a lot of effort in instructing all riders so they hold the reins the right way an use their legs right - not only for the riders, but also for the sake of the horse. We reserve the right to change the day trips if there is too few participants. However, throughout the year, there is always 2 hours of daily riding.

Staying with the horses is at YOUR OWN RISK!