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Once upon a time there was a whaler...

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Once upon a time, long ago, the Hotel Kommandoergaarden was a whalerfarm on Roemoe, like so many other whaling farms on Roemoe. The images in the entrance hall to the hotel illustrates this story, which was not entirely without drama. The waves ran high, and it was not without danger to be whaling those days.

After some years, the farm was sold to a certain Mrs. Floranda who came to the island from Norway. Floranda had big plans and dreamt about making the farm into a holiday resort. Shortly after Floranda came to live on the farm, it burned down to the ground, and there was quite a lot of rumors on the island... many people thought, that Floranda herself played a big role in the game, as all the silver, curiously enough, was removed and the precious embroideries had been placed in the bath tub before the fire broke out. So it looked as if she had taken her precautions!

After the fire Floranda build a hotel with 12 rooms and an associated campsite with 250 sites. The place was later taken over by the family Thøgersen, and today it has been owned by the family for more than 30 years. Kommandoergaard is today a modern hotel with a Wellness Center (the first in Denmark), a Riding Centre with Icelandic Horses, Roemoe Play- & Horse Park and a large campsite - but history can still be heard in the main hall where the dramatic pictures adorn the walls and you seem to be able sometimes to hear Mrs. Florandas silverware rattling in the bathtub!