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  • A fun Ferris wheel with bicycle features, where mum and dad can pedal, while the ferris wheel goes around and around with the children.
  • A large sand box with sand and water – ready for a lot of fantastic sandcastles.
  • A fun road for mini tractors for the playful 3 to 7 years old.
  • An exciting workshop where the blacksmith makes beautiful knives and shoes the horses.
  • Meet the worlds smallest and largest horse in our Play- & horse park – A Fallabella and a Shire!
  • Sail across the lake on a funny raft ferry.
  • Be your own coachman in a pony- or donkey wagon and take it for a quiet ride in the park.

  • Hear the story about the vikings horses, the icelandic horse, and see its 5 different gaits.
  • Discover the eerie atmosphere in the pirate ship, go crazy on the bouncing pillow and take the dark journey into the firefighters basement. That is if you dont think that the traffic school, the cable way, luna loopen or the Butterfly is much more tempting!
  • The aqua park is a lovely oasis in the summer. It lies in the middle of the park and contains a wading pool for the little children, the black tunnel, slides, crazy river and a sauna.
  • Experience all this and much much more...