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At the entrance you can ask if you can participate in the fun Roemoe Quiz, where there is a winner everytime. When you walk around in the park you will be asked different questions. In this way, you will leave the park a little wiser than when you got here. If you are really good, you will even get a medal.

We play HC Andersen puppet theater on both danish and german. You can find the performance hours at the entrance.

We show you and tells stories about the icelandic horse.

At Saloon Antanas we light up the grill and play some nice music.

You can make your own knife.

Or take a tour with the zookeeper  and help him feed all the animals.


It is a lot of fun to drive a pony- or a donkey wagon. The ponies Samba, Butterfly and Frosti Junior takes turns to take you for a drive around park. Maybe you yourself can try to be the coachman. The donkeys Bambi and Josef also draws the wagons, but maybe your patience will be tested. But one thing is for certain, it is hardly to to go to fast...!

The wagons are ready following lunch and normally goes for a couple of hours.

Before you take of, you can read on the sign and in the wagon how to hold the lines,  how to communicate with the pony or the donkey, how to stop and so on.

Hours follow the pervious week.