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Roemoe - the island between 2 oceans

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A fun little story about at point, that is almost visible from the hotel windows:
On the flat salt marsh north-east of "Kommandørgården" rises an old shipyard. It is the remains of "Borrebjerg", the oldest monument on Roemoe. 
The place is refered to as a pirate castle, but its strategic location just of the inlet to Ribe (In the Middle Ages it went through the "Lister Dyb" and up east of Romoe) might as well make it a fortress, designed to protect the inlet and the population against pirates. How long the castle has been there and why and how it is gone, no-one knows. But the schorched wall remains found during the excavation in 1875, concluded that "Borrebjerg" has been burned down.

This might be done at one of two occasions; In 1361 the population on many of the Frisian islands made a revolt and defeated other castles. In 1409 The Queen Margaret had a mass of small castles demolished in an attempt to gain power over the country. Something similar may have happened in Roemoe. 
Since "Borrebjerg" in all these years has been abandoned, it is clear, that the hauntings has made its entry there. Once a man found a large bucket  of gold coins at "Borrebjerg". The bucket was too heavy for him to carry by him self, and later that night, he came back with some friends to retrieve the treasure.
But the more they struggled to lift the bucket, the deeper it sank into the mud. In the end it disappeared entirely, and only pure luck made the men not dissapear into the depths. 
An other time "the underground people" in "Borrebjerg" went to a wife from one of the neighboring farms and asked for her help. A classy young lady needed help delivering a baby. Reluctantly she did as requested, and was midwife to a healthy baby boy. As thanks she got her apron filled with wooden shaving. Carelessly she threw her chips on the fire at home. But not all the chips were burned, and the next day they had turned into pure gold.

Every season - his charm on Roemoe:

  • In spring time hundreds of Easter lambs fling on the green marshland. The seals are sunning themselves, and the birds have returned from there southern winter homes.
  • In summertime Roemoe is all about swimming. The wide sandy beaches are not seen somewhere else in northern europe. Here is room for everyone. Everyone can enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach, and do something good for their health. Furthermore there is a "freebeach" on the southern part of the beach.
  • In late summer the heather is flowering and colors the entire island. Migratory birds are gathered in thousands, and as the fall sets in, the sea shows its second face. The rough Western Sea washes over the beach, but also gives something back: The beautiful amber, which has been lying in the sea for decades.
  • The winter is the quiet time. Nature sleeps – gone is the hectic summer. Life goes its quiet way. Now you have the time and peace to take a closer look at the island. A walk on the beach in the wintertime is like the best vitamin pill. Here there is additional ozone in the air.