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Praktisk info

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All of our spa guests as our other hotel guests, has free access to both pool, steam bath and fitness. Moreover also Tepidarium, Bio Sauna, Finnish Sauna, tea etc. when getting their treatments.

If you have booked a stay with wellness over a weekend, you may need to put in som of the treatments on Sundays. Alternatively, you can check in earlier and get a few of the treatments there. On Saturdays there may be booked a maximum of 1,5 hours treatment per person.

The Wellness Center is located to the left of the main building at Hotel Kommandoergaarden and parallel to the highway. The entrancedoor to the center is white. To get access to the center you must get a card from the reception, which has to be used to get inside.

Here you will find locker, pool, steambath and whirlpool.

Second floor
To the left of the stairs you will find the beauty department, where you also find the gym which is located at the end of the hall. To the right from the stairs your will find the rooms, where most of the wellness treatments take place. Here you will find  Kraxenofen, Bio- and Finish Sauna, Tepidarium, Hamambad, Aromabath, a common room and a terrace overlooking the Wadden Sea. If you are more people who have booked several treatments at the spa together and are waiting, you can always use the pool, steam bath and tepidarium in between the treatments.

At wellness treatments it is recommended to wear a bathing suit/bikini.

Locker room
For changing you can use our locker room, where you also find storage cabinets. To use the lockers you must use DKK 10,- coins. You are also welcome to change to bathing suit in your own room and then go to the Wellness Center in your robe. The hotel Kommandoergaarden denies all liability for damages of lost cases.

If you have booked a spa package, while a stay of min. half board or a wellness stay, a bathrobe is handed you at the reception for you to use in between treatments. In order to control who has a bathrobe available, it is on your bill while you are staying at the hotel with an amount of DKK. 350,- This amount must of course be paid only if the robe is lost. Bathrobes must be handed back to the reception upon departure.

Chip cards
Chip cards are the small credit card-like cards that are handed to you in the reception to use in the wellness center for the "unmanned" facilities - Jacuzzi etc. on the card you insert a certain amount equal the number of times you wish to use the various facilities - (payable in cash or listed on your room bill). A card can also be issued on a desired amount and consumption settled upon departure at the reception.